Airport Maths

We often disregard the rate of tech/social progress thats happening in the world. But some numbers tend to baffle even the most pessimistic.

Utopia for Realists

Hyper-consumerism's costs on humanity

Sesame credits

How Chinese government is using tech to control its population.

Perpetual Dopamine Blast

Would like to present a thought experiment:

Jekyll Coupling

I don’t understand the sense for Github to have deep coupling with Jekyll. It makes no sense to have the Jekyll site compiled at the server side effectively coupling Jekyll with Github.

Thought Superiority

I think someone who is open to scrutiny with a mind to correct one self has an absolute Superior Thought. Even better than most who may have better intrinsic capabilities. Because the former will always have the potential to learn and improve and will be in the path of constant improvement.

Auto publish blog to Github

Github pages is an excellent way to publish static sites, but I hate one aspect of their implementation: Having the static sites’ assets in another branch: gh-pages. I think this is just wrong, especially when considering many projects forced to have their site in the same repo.

Marathon Training

This is the second week I am going for the training with Nikhil to prepare for a Marathon on November 1st. Though the 10 km marathon seems to be daunting especially for someone like me who does close no exercise, I managed to walk 5 Kms at nearly full speed the first day itself. I guess I should trust iPhone’s claim that I walk 4.5 Kms daily!

Transgenerational Transmission

Following is an excerpt is from an article describing the way parents transferring PTSD to their children.

Noise reduction in audio track of a video

In the spirit of doing as much as work via command line, I removed a noisy audio from a tech talk I wanted to view. This is just a note to my future self to the way I did it.

ഇന്നലെയ്ക്ക് മുന്‍പ് ഒരു ചിത്രപ്പൂട്ട്‌

An excerpt from Mr. Shiju Joseph’s MPhil thesis on Psycho Cultural Analysis of Popular Films in Malayalam, 2005. Reposting for better visibility and readability.


Its been nearly an year since I delved into Ruby/Unix. Most of what I did hovered around learning from online resources and working on simple projects, I am happy that I learnt quite a lot. I can totally imagine surprising the person I was an year back. But, I fear: whether I actually failed! Well no, its not a question about losing trust in what I am learning. But I feel the rate of progress that I am making isn’t fast enough.

Code Snippets

I imagine this blog to have a significant number of code snippets and this very post is an attempt to find a solution for it.