Catch Them Young
Jikku Jose

University students end up creating projects for the sake of completing their final year assesment that doesn’t have any value for them or the world.

Most projects don’t deserve a second look.

We can change it by converting the final year project into a set of meaningful contributions to a major open source project.

I know most of those terms are vague, lets try to start with some simple definitions:

Open Source Project

Any project hosted in Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket that has a permissible license like MIT/GPL (or similar). We can even give a set of suggestions (say ~200/300 projects to choose from).

Meaningful contributions

Any contributions that are marked by their maintainers as “meaningful”. We can work with maintainers to expose a set of beginner friendly tasks that can be attempted by the students via “Issues” in the project.

Or students can choose to work on simpler issues but on multiple projects to acquire the completion status for evaluation.

To be continued