Utopia for Realists

As always I added one more book into the list of books I want to read in the near future: Utopia for Realists. This recommendation by @piratekp seems to be a worthy read from its review. UBI is a key concept in the book.

Perhaps the following quote may urge you read further:

What of Bregman’s second big idea? This is the 15-hour week. He opens his discussion by taking us back to one of the great capitalist thinkers of the last century – John Maynard Keynes. Keynes believed that capitalism’s productivity would lead to a working week of no longer than 15 hours. By 2030, he thought, machines would be so sophisticated and society so well organised that most human time would be dedicated to the good life of loving and learning. So what happened? In simple terms, we traded time for stuff. Bregman says the rise of hyper-consumerism meant that instead of harnessing productivity in order to spend less time more efficiently producing what we need, we chose instead to spend more time more effectively producing stuff we waste. And as a result, we’re now all stuck in ‘bullshit jobs’ that pay for things we neither want nor need.